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We have integrated the most advanced bicycle technology.

The brakes are equipped with a sensor for immediately switching off the engine only when the brake lever is touched, the lights that can be operated on command or when the light dims turn on automatically via a sensor placed on the display and each version of Paht-Ebike includes mudguards and roof rack.

Action e Urban

Our bikes are built to last. They're designed to withstand thousands of miles of driving, and the quality comes without sacrificing aesthetics. The bikes feature an edgy, formidable design that integrates full suspension and high-end hardware with impressive load capacity. Find out which of the two versions is right for you.

Path eBike GT

Folding frame

Folding frame for easy portability and storage. Place it under your desk, in your RV, SUV or in the trunk of your car.

Path eBike GT

Air suspension and fat tires

It has an adjustable suspension front fork and rear shock with fat tires that let you ride on sand, dirt, gravel or snow with the comfort and control that skinny tires don't allow.

Path eBike GT

7-speed engine and gearbox

We put in a powerful high torque Bafang G060 350D motor with 250W and 80 Newtons of peak power. Shimano 7 speed gearbox with 14-28 tooth gear set coupled with the 52 tooth ergal sprocket will take you where you want to go.

Path eBike GT

Display LCD con presa USB

The display is backlit for easy readability, providing information such as speed, travel time, battery charge, PAS level, etc. equipped with a sensor for turning on the lights and an integrated USB socket for charging your devices

Path eBike GT

Hydraulic disc brakes

180mm hydraulic disc brakes offer superior stopping power over traditional mechanical disc brakes for maximum safety and performance. Equipped with a sensor to immediately turn off the engine at the touch of the lever.

Path eBike GT

Removable built-in battery

The large 17.5 Ah/48 V LG cell lithium-ion battery gives you 840 Wh of power for a long day of driving. It will fully charge in 4-6 hours easily giving you between 90-110km, depending on load, terrain and other factors. It can be loaded inside the frame or removed.

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